I Don't Do Winter Fleece Embroidered Headband

I Don't Do Winter Fleece Embroidered Headband

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I absolutely hate the snow! Hate it! If you hate winter like me and cannot stand the cold frigid air, then this headband is totes for you! Let's all say it together now .. "Bring back summer!"

-Black Fleece Headband with pink embroidery-

Our fashion embroidered fleece headbands are soft, yet very durable. They wash well and hold up to daily use. They are 2 1/2 inches wide and approx 18 inches in circumference. They are one-size-fits-most and made from a luxurious high grade Fleece material. 

Looking for a custom designed headband? We take custom orders! Send us an email with your idea and let us make it happen! Email us at sales@mamasews.com.

Care: Hand wash for optimal longevity of the headband and embroidery work.

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